The start of Columbus

I just hit the 3-week mark interning at The Columbus Dispatch and it felt like it was time for a blog post. I've really enjoyed this paper and city so far. There's always something going on, someone to talk to and learn from and I'm dealing with the whole not having a yard for the first time thing a lot better than I imagined. I'm living near the OSU campus, which is about an 8-minute drive to downtown and a good atmosphere in the summer. I'm really liking the routine of things so far. I usually have 1-2 assignments by the time I get to work, and if not any I'll go feature hunting. I think slow days are good for me; they seem to motivate my internal self imposed pressure. There has been a lo

A contrasting world

During my first few weeks at The Columbus Dispatch, I've covered a few events that contrast each other quite prominently. More particularly, Ohio 7:14, A Solemn Assembly of Prayer at The Ohio Statehouse along with Columbus Gay Pride Parade. As the clock ticks and our country comes closer to making a decision on Obergefell v. Hodges there has been a lot of activity on both sides. Peggy Kruzer from Church on the Rise in Westlake prays during Ohio 7:14, A Solemn Assembly of Prayer, that drew more than 500 people to The Ohio Statehouse on Thursday, June 11, 2015 in Columbus, Ohio. Parade attendees ended up embracing the rain as the streets began flooding during downpour at the 34th Annual Gay Pr

Transformation in San Francisco

As much as I am trying to, I can't really seem to find the words that describe my entire journey throughout the Hearst photo competition----which technically started late into fall semester 2014. I don't think I've fully processed it all....from being funded to travel to North Carolina and finish up my story on bodybuilder Carli Terepka, to the many photo talks and edits in between. It's truly been an honor to get this sort of experience. I can most certainly say my experience in San Francisco was one of the best in my 22-years. Thank you to everyone at Hearst, everyone who shared their story and knowledge with me and everyone who takes on the powerful craft of journalism. What we do is so i

San Francisco desaturated

I spent much of my plane ride back from The Hearst Journalism Awards held in San Francisco killing my phone battery by desaturating a copious amount of iPhone photos I took. So, here is yet again another black-and-white iPhone photography blog post. San Francisco is one of the most densely settled areas of California. With an abundance of hills and significant stretches of the Pacific Ocean, followed by uniquely structured housing filled with diverse racial and cultural backgrounds, the city has an established identity. I found there are a ton of methods of transportation here, as well as a ton of persistent pigeons, pools of light and interesting people. It would be a lie if I said I didn't

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