October Update

Excluding high school football, here are some daily selects (amongst some experimental outtakes) mostly from October. Thank you for looking---- & Happy Halloween! Pack 3033 boy scout Alan Hatcher, 10, of Galloway lifts mulch into a wheelbarrow behind the Green Lawn Cemetery Abbey on Saturday, September 26, 2015 in Columbus. Volunteers gather twice a year to help clean up the exterior and interior of the building. A maple sausage slider with a side of sweet potato tater tots photographed at Cray Eatery and Drinkery on N 4th Street in Italian Village in Columbus on Saturday, September 5, 2015. Watkins Memorial senior Andrew Jordan rounds the bend at the Midwest Meet of Champions race at Hillia

Reflection: blog 1

I've been reflecting a lot on the process of photography and how I have grown with it, and continue to. I feel very lucky to have a creative outlet like this, and I've decided that I'd like to start posting a few old photos and a few new photos as often as I can to help better reflect on the process of things----and because I'm cleaning my old hard drive and am finding a lot of interesting things. For those of you who know me well enough, you know that I'm a big fan of growth and phases and the creative process in general. I reflect probably much too often when I notice something has improved or maybe not improved but changed in some way. I sit and wonder about the process even though I know

Columbus Marathon

More than 19,000 runners took off from North Bank Park on Long Street in Columbus at The 36th Nationwide Children's Hospital Columbus Marathon (yesterday) Sunday, October 18, 2015. It was a bit cold (and quite early) but I was certainly happy to be there. I love big events like this...especially running events. Whether it be a cross country meet, 5k or marathon....I love the atmosphere the running community puts out. I started my morning 30 floors up in the AEP building downtown Columbus to shoot the start, then made my way to German Village for mile 10. I grabbed a CoGo and biked down to Nationwide Blvd. (mile 13-14) and then cut down copious back streets to get near the finish. Biking cert

Friday Night Lights (thus far)

Rain or shine, for the past 8-weeks my Friday nights have been centered around high school football. Naturally, some games are better than others, but regardless of the scoreboard---and the skies going from stunning to pitch black in just 4 short weeks, the same passion and tradition fills the stadium each week. Here is a look at some features and action I’ve shot thus far. Thank you for looking! Football players on the Beechcroft High School Cougars tape up before the game against the Marion-Franklin High School Red Devils at Beechcroft High School on Friday, September 7, 2015. Northland High School Vikings stretch in preparation for their game against Independence High School 76ers at Inde

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