Friday Night Lights (the rest)

Somehow, it's been about 3.5 months of Friday Night Lights coverage. I've really enjoyed the routine of going out to these high schools every Friday and immersing myself into the "boys of fall" culture. Even the dead fly graveyards in the tiny press boxes and wearing two pairs of pants for the colder games couldn't get me down. I really have enjoyed all of this. I was talking to my good friend, Jacob Byk, who covered the FNL season at his internship in Hutchinson, Kansas and we both agree this has really been sort of like a project. With that more in mind next season, we both intend to try and capture more of the background stuff (such as locker room coverage). I updated last at 8-weeks thro


Perhaps the combination of my internship coming to a close and this glorious weather we have been having has made November fly by. Then again, every month seems to. There is still lots to do in Columbus the next few weeks before I leave. Football has most-likely come to a close for me. The second half of the season will come in another blog post, and then I'm looking forward to sitting down with the months of coverage and picking my favorite plays and features, also another blog post. I have a lot to say about high school football after covering it for 3+ months! Anyway, here are some of my favorite clips from the month of November. Pedestrians commute down Neil Avenue near Mirror Lake on th

NHL: Learning Hockey

I am in no way a master sports shooter and will most likely never be, but growing up in a sports-centric family has certainly benefited me while on sports assignments. I rarely have trouble following sports and have a pretty solid knowledge and understanding of all that goes on. It helps that I enjoy them too. However, hockey is not a sport I am at all familiar with and Columbus is one of the thirty cities that has an NHL team. I've sat in the nosebleeds of one Lake Erie Monsters game and played street hockey with the neighbors, but that's about the extent of it. Here is what I learned at my first solo game with the Columbus Blue Jackets. (The Sharks defeated the Jackets 5-3.) This is a face

Mid-Ohio Cluster Dog Show

The Mid-Ohio Cluster Dog Show was held November 12 – 15, 2015 at the Bricker Building in Columbus. I stopped over by the show on Saturday before a scheduled assignment, and was happy to have free time Sunday to go back over and get a more in-depth look. The show was sponsored by four kennel clubs, including approximately 2,000 dogs per day, representing more than 150 breeds from all over the United States and Canada. I got a good look at the St. Bernards and Goldens on the last day of the show. Here are my favorite frames: Brindle Greyhounds walk toward the competing arena. Serenity, a Flat-coated Retriever sniffs a passerby. (center) Serena Edgerton, 12, grooms "Classique Unforgettable Godi

Sports Weekend Madness

With the exception of a few feature assignments, the agenda this weekend was centered around sports assignments. From Friday Night Lights (regional quarterfinals), to Saturday's state field hockey tournament and the Ohio State football game against the Minnesota Golden Gophers. This Sunday, I ended my work weekend at the Value City Arena where the Ohio State Buckeyes basketball team took on the Walsh Cavaliers in an exhibition game. Though Buckeye football is for sure an incredible experience, I think I had the most fun shooting field hockey for the first time. Still trying to figure out why they blow the whistle so often but continue playing. Using the strobes at Value City Arena was also r

Reflection: blog 2, frame game

Yesterday, with some down time between assignments, a fellow staff photographer (Barb Perenic) and I stopped on the OSU campus to look for some wild art. I noticed some sunshine peeking through the trees by Mirror Lake and ventured up toward Neil Avenue. When I saw plenty of people commuting by bike I sat down to try and make a graphic frame. With the weather about to take a drastic dip this weekend, I figured it would be the last time I'd be able to sit on a warm curb and observe campus at peace----the next time I'll be back to Mirror Lake will be for the OSU vs. Michigan game...which I'm told is not so peaceful. It didn't start out that I was trying to create a uniquely framed shot, but it

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