A trip to the capital

I was able to join the Kent State PJ program this past weekend for a photo trip. Asside from a memorable trip to the White House to meet Pete Souza, and a look at the Newseum, it was extremely refreshing to be out and about with other photo friends---especially my two best friends, Jenna and Rachael. It was also extremely refreshing to be able to attempt some street style with my 24-70mm. Just a friendly reminder to all of my photo friends, make sure to make time to shoot for yourself too...especially when wandering new cities. Here are some of my favorite photos from shooting in between the tourism.. most from DCs' always busy transit system and portraits of Jenna... Rachael takes on I-70 i

Marginalized Roots

Here is to the start of a personal portrait series project acknowledging just some of the many LGBTQ person who have struggled to thrive as themself growing up in areas of NE Ohio where knowlege or acceptance wasn't always present. Findley Coleman stands for a portrait in the development he grew up in Brunswick, Ohio. “I was sure that I was comfortable with who I was but I wasn’t sure that I wanted to deal with the heartache. I honestly expected people to be like, ‘that’s weird,’ or ‘you’re a freak,’ because I never saw it before...I had one friend who was transgender and I never asked him what he went through.” After Findley Coleman, formerly Becca Coleman, came out as transgender (female t

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