2018 so far

Sharing some photos from the first 3-months of the year. Ellet's coach Mark Fisher and the bench erupt after Ellet's Storm Chevy gets an And-1 in the fourth quarter against Buchtel in the City Series on Friday, Feb. 16, 2018, at Firestone CLC High School in Akron, Ohio. (Leah Klafczynski/Beacon Journal/Ohio.com) University of Akron AIShE officer Jenna Schlessel reacts after taking a pie to the face from senior Ivy Brosch in a late celebration of Pi Day on Wednesday, March 21, 2018, in Akron, Ohio. Akron's AIChE: American Institute of Chemical Engineers program celebrate Pi Day annually with a raffle where students can pie their favorite teachers. (Leah Klafczynski/Beacon Journal/Ohio.com) A

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